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A New Year, A New You! It’s the mantra for many! Vows to exercise, juice, cleanse and go raw are tossed about like so many footballs during the playoffs. However, come February, the fortitude of the masses will have no doubt waned once the quick fixes fizzle, stomachs growl and muscles ache.

Sound familiar? Not surprising. Losing weight is the number one resolution every New Year. And, only eight percent of people who make this resolution actually achieve success. So, if you’ve been one of the multitudes who have set great intentions only to experience not so great results, you are not alone. The story is not over, however. In fact, the story may yet have a happy ending because 2013 still stretches hopefully ahead of us, and the aptly named Victory Meals may just be the edge you need.

Joan Ifland, founder and CEO of the Victory Meals Program, is no fly-by-night, internet-certified nutrition counselor. Ifland has a Ph.D. in addictive nutrition, an MBA from Stanford and is a co-founder of the Society of Food Addiction Professionals, as well as a popular writer (Sugars and Flours: How They Make Us Crazy, Sick and Fat) and coach in the field of refined food addiction.


And, just as Ifland is no fly-by-night nutritional guru, the Victory Meals Program is no dubious diet fad. In fact, when Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” he could very well have been foreshadowing the Victory Meals Program.

Ifland said, “The Victory Meals Program is more than weight loss; we are selling relief from disease.”

She continued, “I think of Victory Meals as a recovery program. We help our clients recover from refined food addiction, and it changes their lives.”

Ifland’s program is distinct from others in several ways. The Victory Meals Program consists of delicious and large-portioned prepared meals, food coaching and nutrition education which focuses on control of cravings for refined foods. And, perhaps best of all, the meals are delivered to your door, so convenience is built in to the program. The program is affordable for the long-term and, importantly, full portions are provided, so clients avoid being hungry. Also, a broad range of refined foods is eliminated, and all Victory Meals are balanced protein to carb.

“We provide only high-quality fats such as cold pressed olive oil and unrefined coconut oil, and a lot of variety in a three-week rotating menu. Monday and Friday are chicken days; Tuesday and Wednesday are seafood; Thursday is turkey. Full-time subscribers receive a large breakfast, generous lunch and dinner and a hearty snack,” said Ifland.

Victory Meals are delivered fresh daily in an insulated pack the size used for 12 cans and contain freezer packs, which mean people can safely take their chilled meals with them where-ever they go. Clients are never left hungry, nor are they forced to depend on the public prepared meal supply.

Victory Meals Chef Jessica Lynn trained at the Culinary Institute of America and is brilliant at flavoring healthy food, so customization of meals for taste preferences is an option, as well as customization for food allergies. The meals are gluten-free, and if you prefer, vegetarian and all-fish. The program offers flexible reordering plans, flexible cancellation and expert coaching making it lifestyle-compatible.

Ifland said the premise she used to formulate her Victory Meals Program is based on evidence there are hundreds of ingredients in the public prepared meal market that make people sick.

“We took these ingredients out — all sweeteners, flour, salt, processed fats, dairy, caffeine, wheat, soy, corn, nuts, white potatoes, corn-fed beef, pork, etc.,” said Ifland.
Additionally, the approach is based on research revealing how easily refined food cravings are provoked.

“Just thinking about refined foods triggers the release of craving neurochemicals in the brain,” Ifland explained. “There are two equally important elements in Victory Meals that eliminate craving. First, we removed any foods we believe cause cravings, and provide balanced carbs/proteins in full servings. Secondly, the meals come to our clients’ homes and workplaces, so they’re the most available food to clients throughout the day.”

While clients do lose weight on the Victory Meals Program, Ifland said the program encourages clients to delight in reducing size rather than weight.

“Our meals are designed to help people strengthen bone and muscle — which are heavy. One client, in three weeks, maintained her weight while losing two inches from her waist. Many clients do lose about two pounds per week.”

However, she discloses most are more thrilled with the improvement in energy, mental clarity, cravings, confusion, time-spent getting food, allergies, bloating, irritable bowels, etc.

Ifland has seen the research confirmed with observations that her clients recover from a wide range of diseases (obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, fatigue, inflammation, infection and depression) when they use an unrefined food plan. Clients who stick with Victory Meals report they see very consistent results across a broad range of illnesses.

There are many reasons clients turn to Victory Meals.

Ifland said, “Convenience is a big factor for many. The resolution of health problems is a motivator. The sheer enjoyment of the meals is a third reason. And, I think the affordability of the program also attracts clients who stay with us for the long-term.”

While there may be a withdrawal period associated with eliminating refined foods —about five percent of people report fatigue, headache and nausea — by the time they lose weight, they are so attached to results (energy, mental clarity, control, patience, optimism, confidence, release from painful conditions, etc.), sticking to the program is not a problem.

The Victory Meals program also includes after-care.

Ifland encourages, “The chef or I will always pick up the phone if a client needs help, but honestly most clients just get super healthy and go about having a great life.” Victory

Meals clients also get help transitioning to making their own meals at home with the Victory Meals at Home Starter Kit which includes the exact recipes and the exact spice blends used in the Victory Meals kitchen.

For Ifland, her mission is clear.

“We want to show people how to achieve new heights of health. We want to make it easy for our clients to see whether refined foods are the cause of their health problems. We want to relieve suffering,” she said.

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