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From the Publisher

BeverlyDenver_thumbMaking Magic

Often, we hear athletes speak of “being in the zone” or “keeping their head in the game.” They are referring, of course, to that special state where the mind is totally focused on the task at hand. When they are “in the zone,” they are energized and motivated. They feel joyful, positive and competent. They accomplish great things. 

Athletes have been heard to say, “The zone is where the magic happens.”

Artists speak of  “the flow,” and we know exactly what they are talking about. For them, it is the state of total immersion in the creative process. They claim their best work is done when they are “going with the flow.”

Historians have recorded that Michelangelo was “in the flow” when he painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel – that he painted for days at a time without stopping for food or drink. Often, the master painter would pass out from exhaustion. When he awoke, he was ready to paint again — with the same passion and fervor as before.

Actors too know well the value of intentional focus. For them, one such experience could result in an Academy Award performance.

I have a good friend who is a professional keynote speaker. She stays busy and travels a lot. When one of her presentations goes especially well, she will call (no matter where she is) and tell me, “It went great; I rocked!” I can’t help but share the excitement I hear in her voice. I know she is pumped and ready to go again. 

My friend “rocked” because she got on stage and stayed “in the moment.” She was confident and authentic and made a strong connection with her audience. And, by doing so, magic was made.

Entrepreneurs and business professionals know a lot about this subject too. Often we acknowledge that we work long hours. We say things like this: “I just love what I do. When I’m working on a project, I lose all track of time.” We too say some of our best work comes when we are  totally absorbed in our efforts.

The trick for us, however, is prioritizing and allowing ourselves the luxury of focus. The challenge, of course, is letting go of the notion that we must constantly take on more and multitask to live up to the “super woman” image others paint of us.

For me, having just one thing I must do at any given period of time is a treat! When the opportunity presents itself, I go with it. I avoid all distractions. I close my office door. I ignore incoming calls and stay off the Internet. I get in the zone; I go with the flow. I get things done. And, once in awhile, magic happens, and I rock! 

Afterwards, I sit back, relax and give focus its due!

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