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“Giving birth to a new publication is somewhat like giving birth to a new baby.”

2009 Directory CoverThat’s what we said six years ago when the premiere issue of Houston Woman Magazine rolled off the press and into the hands of thousands of women throughout our city. There had been months of intense planning and hard labor but, finally, our “baby ” was here! We were excited, joyful and proud; we couldn’t wait to show her off!

The feelings we had about the First Annual Houston Woman Business Directory were much the same. To us, it was another long-awaited birth. And, as with the arrival of her big sister, Houston Woman Magazine, we were thrilled to be able to introduce her to our many friends and family.

The First Annual Houston Woman Business Directory, which was released in April 2009was designed to be a valuable resource for successful women in Houston. Its three sections — Community Resources, Women’s Organizations and Professional Listings — provide a wealth of information for those most dedicated to staying informed, inspired and well-connected.

The First Annual Houston Woman Business Directory was dedicated to “Houston Women Who Made History,” and it paid special tribute to three of the most amazing among them: Ima Hogg, Oveta Culp Hobby and Barbara Jordan. Each went into fields once dominated by men and blazed trails for the rest of us to follow.

Each, we believe, would be proud to see a women’s business directory like this one - as well as the Second Annual Houston Woman Business Directory we published this year - in Houston, full of the names of organizations started by and for women, full of the names of professional women who own and operate so many different types of businesses. And, we hope, each would understand fully the vital role she played in educating and empowering so many of us Houston women!


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