EVENT Women Who Empower Luncheon slated for Sept. 25


Continuing the celebration of its 10th anniversary, the Houston West Chamber of Commerce Women Driving Business Committee will feature Janine K. Iannarelli, founder and president of Par Avion Ltd., at its Women Who Empower Luncheon on September 25. Par Avion, an aircraft marketing firm that specializes in the exclusive representation and acquisition of business aircraft.

Additionally, two special guests will be attending the luncheon – Mary Sue Koontz Nelsonauthor of the cookbook, Stolen Recipes, and Dian Stai, who was named one of the Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World in 1997. The businesswoman and philanthropist continues to support many organizations, including the Houston Grand Opera and the Texas Historical Foundation. Stai co-founded Owen Healthcare, Inc, with her late husband in 1969.

And, for the first time ever, the WDB Committee will allow a mysterious gentleman into the midst of almost 200 professional women. Affectionately known as the “Most Interesting Man in the Room,” this distinguished Houstonian has allowed the chamber to reveal a few clues about his identity: he’s an entrepreneur, philanthropist and not involved in the energy industry. For 20 years he has used his expertise to help children in need, in both the United States and Mexico.

The "Interesting Man" credits much of his success to the support of women throughout his career, making him an ideal guest at this traditionally female-only event. Not only does he have a staff led by women, but his close attention to detail, along with skill in blending art with science have made him a sought-after expert in his field. And when "The Most Interesting Man in the Room" is off the clock, he enjoys playing golf, flying his private jet and spending time on the water, where “sharks hold a week in his honor.

Luncheon attendees will have a chance to take home luxurious gift baskets, ranging in value from $500 to $5,000. 

For more information on this event and the Houston West Chamber of Commerce, please call 713-785-4922 or visit www.hwcoc.org.


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