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Business and entrepreneurship will be an important focus for the thousands of women statewide who will be attending this Thursday’s Texas Conference for Women at the George R. Brown Convention Center. With women now owning 10 million privately owned businesses nationwide, how these businesses can help the current economic crisis will be an important topic of conversation.

Count Me In for Women's Economic Independence, a small cutting edge not-for-profit organizaqtion, is determined to help women entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Houston area business women involved in Count Me In will be at the convention to talk about the organization’s programs, including the goal to help move one million women-owned businesses make a million dollars in the next 12 months!

By Count Me In’s estimates that helping even 750,000 women reach the million-dollar level would create 4.7 million jobs and an additional $700 billion in business. That’s a $700 billion economic build-up, not a bail out!

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