NEWS Gillman bids $25,000 for HOUSTON license plate

A Houston man set a state record last night at the Houston Auto Show when he raised his bid card at the Great Plate Auction 2013. He bid $25,000 for the one and only official Texas license plate, HOUSTON. That beats the previous record of $15,000 for FERRARI paid at auction in Dallas in 2011.

High bidder Chris Gillman of Houston says, as s car dealer, he drives mostly demo cars, so his $25,000 plate will likely go on his hunting truck! 

Gillman said, “Houston has been very good to our family for many, many years. I am proud of this plate and especially proud that the proceeds benefit the Houston Auto Dealers Association Scholarship Fund.”

My Plates estimates that the 10 plates at the Great Plate Auction went for a grand total of more than $65,000.  Of that amount, My Plates estimates that more than $40,000 goes to the State general revenue fund. On average, 60 to 65 percent of each plate price goes to the State. More than $25,000 went to these charities: Houston Auto Dealers Association Scholarship Fund, Houston Texans YMCA, Houston Rockets Foundation and the Houston Dynamo Foundation.

Tony Gullo of Houston spent more than $25,000 on the four plates he won: ROCKETS for $16,500, TEXAN5 for $4250, INDY CAR for $2750, MAYBACH for $1750.

He said, “We’re going to keep these plates in our family forever. We have a big family, the children, grandchildren, and even the great grandchildren will have these to enjoy!”

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