Bad Pants Open

Beck's Prime at Memorial Park was the scene of yesterday's early morning meeting of the tournament committee of the 2008 Bad Pants Open, and I - the newest member - wasn't about to miss it!

Chairman Michael Wiesenthal had already beat the gavel when I arrived, and the committee was well into lively discussions about the October 14 tourney and other activities leading up to the grand event that benefits the Newborn Center at Texas Children's Hospital.

Participating were Mike Armstrong, Cherri Carbonara, Eileen Condit, Bob Fran, Mike Knapp, John A. Lee, Jessica Ortega, Moose Rosenfeld, Bill Spillman, and Gary L. Whitlock.

I learned that a kick-off fashion show is planned for September 18 at Harold's in The Heights, and both male and female models will be there to show off some of the baddest pants around. I agreed to participate - but only after some heavy-duty prodding. So, if you show up, I'll be the one wearing the biggest hat and darkest sunglasses. Sometimes, a little bit of Hollywood works!

Wiesenthal, along with Armstrong and Rosenfeld, the other two founders of the Bad Pants Open, couldn't be happier about how the "little golf tournament" they started 11 years ago has grown into the enormously successful event it is today.

Armstrong told me, "We raised $18,000 the first year; last year we raised over $250,000 for the Newborn Center! We're expecting to surpass that this year!"

No wonder! The enthusiasm of the founders and others on the committee is amazing! When you witness it, there's no way anyone who owns a set of golf clubs (especially me) would opt to sit this tourney out!"

My job on the committee is to get the word out about the Bad Pants Open to women and encourage them to put together a foursome and join us. After 10 years, it appears that a huge majority of the players are still men.

"It's time to change that," said Rosenfeld. "We want Houston women to know this tourney is for them too!"

Shouldn't be a problem. I can't think of many female golfers who'd shy away from supporting such a worthy cause or a good excuse to dress BAD.

For more information, visit or call me at 713-780-2098. I'm organizing female foursomes now!

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