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A team from the British School of Houston will travel to Florida on October 16 to compete against teams from all over the world in a unique women’s-only sport: netball. The Florida Netball Classic, drawing teams from the US, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Florida, England, and more, is in its 19th year.

This is the British School of Houston’s second year to participate in the tournament, and it is the only team from Texas.

“My favorite part of netball is the amount of teamwork and understanding it takes to play the game. There are seven players on the court, and each has her own job. We have to communicate constantly,” said Natalie Marnoch, a senior and captain of the varsity netball team.

Marnoch has played netball since she moved to Houston and started school at the British School of Houston just over two years ago. Originally from the United Kingdom, Marnoch plans to return to England or Scotland when she graduates to pursue a degree in sport. She is an avid soccer and netball player.

A popular sport in the United Kingdom, Australia, Asia and the Caribbean, netball is similar to basketball in most respects. In basketball, however, players can run with the ball and come into contact with other players; both are prohibited in netball. There can be seven players on the court at any time in a netball game, with 12 total players on the team. The players on the court are confined to certain areas of the court depending on the position they are assigned, and only two are allowed to shoot for the basket.

Netball grew out of women’s indoor basketball but was shaped into a formal sport in 1895, according to the International Federation of Netball Associations. Clara Baer, a women’s basketball coach from New Orleans received instructions on how to play men’s basketball, along with a diagram showing zones where each individual player would be most useful on the court. Baer misinterpreted the zones as areas that each player must stay inside at all times. As a result, what we know as netball today was born.

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