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Houston to partner with Chonquing

Houston Mayor Annise Parker has initiated a partnership for international economic development between Houston and Chonquing, a major city in central China with a population of approximately 32 million people. In particular, the airport systems of both cities will begin to work in tandem to coordinate an exchange of aviation knowledge, visiting delegations and eventually establish direct flights between Houston and Chonquing.

The signed cooperation agreement between the two aviation industries will allow each city to share its experiences and give insight about development initiatives, operations and other aviation industry advancements. The purpose is for both cities to gain industry knowledge to provide the most safe, modern and efficient worldwide air travel for millions of people each year.

Mayor Parker is currently on a week-long economic development mission in China, visiting Shanghai, Chonquing and Beijing. She is joined by a delegation of 60 representatives from Houston business, educational and cultural organizations, including companies specializing in industries such as law, banking, energy and aviation.

The trade mission’s itinerary has included meeting with the Xuhui District Education Bureau to promote educational exchanges, attending a “Houston Evening reception” with U.S. Commissional General of the Word Expo 2010 Shanghai and Yao Ming, and participating in a business forum with the China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce.

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