Get ready for hurricane season

With June 1st marking the first day of the 2010 hurricane season, Mayor Annise Parker and Harris County Judge Ed Emmett are urging Houston and Harris County residents to remember four important steps in ensuring safety and readiness for the upcoming season: make a plan, build a kit, stay informed and know your neighbor.

Make a plan- Determine if you are in an immediate flood zone, if it will be necessary to evacuate and how to contact family members in the event of separation. For those that are uncertain whether their home can withstand hurricane conditions, locate nearby shelters for protection.

Build a kit- At least three days of necessities should be on hand, including food, water and first-aid kits.

Stay informed- Residents should note what disaster are likely to take place in their areas and how to be remain prepared for each one.

Know your neighbor- Talk with your neighbor about a plan of action in case of emergency and, if needed, register for transportation assistance.

The Emergency Transportation Assistance Registry with the City of Houston Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is available for residents who may need transportation assistance during an emergency evacuation. If you have registered for transportation assistance in the past, it is necessary to re-register for assistance in 2010. In order to receive proper care in the event of an evacuation, individuals are asked to report their special medical needs, if any. All information provided by the registrant will be kept confidential and only shared in the case of imminent danger or evacuation.

To register for transportation assistance, individuals may choose from the following options:

• Online registration forms are available on the official City of Houston OEM website,, on the ìTransportation Assistanceî tab, complete the form and submit your information.
• Call Houston OEM directly at 713-884-4500.
• Dial 2-1-1, the Texas/United Way Helpline, and follow the instructions provided.

For more information and helpful tools for disaster preparedness, go to

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