Radiant Fountains

Radiant Fountains is coming to Houston. Work is underway to install the new “Welcome to Houston” sign at George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Fearing the traditional sign was fast becoming archaic, the Houston Art Alliance held a competition last year to find a suitable
replacement. The winner, a creation by world-renowned conceptual artist Dennis Oppenheim, depicts drops of water hitting the ground and splashing upwards in an array of multi-colored LED lights.

Large in scale, vibrant in color and constantly fluctuating, Radiant Fountains is sure to captivate viewers in Houston and beyond once installed and operational, expected in mid-July.

Oppenheim is hardly new to Texas. His work can be found at the Houston Contemporary Arts Museum, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, and Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, and he was the focus of a 1992 exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Known for his earthworks in the 1960s, conceptual performance pieces in the 1970s, moving sculptures in the 1980s and most recent fusion of art and architecture in whimsical large-scale public works, Oppenheim has been at the forefront of contemporary art for the better part of the 20th century.

Radiant Fountains is one of four large public Oppenheim commissions that will be unveiled this summer. A retrospective opening at the end of this month in Italy has also been generating a lot of attention.

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