CURRENT Jan/Feb 2017

Houston Woman Magazine has dedicated itself to informing, inspiring and connecting successful women for 13 years now - since March 2004. It is not only a mission statement for the publication but a passion of mine and the others who work here.

Informing, inspiring and connecting successful women explains everything we do — why we select each of the stories we share and why we sponsor the Houston Woman Business Book Club, the classes, workshops and other unique networking events we do. 
And, so it is with our annual “50 Women of Influence” program, launched in 2008 to introduce our readers to some of Houston’s most influential women — individuals we knew they could learn from, be inspired by and to whom they would want to connect. In the past eight years, Houston Woman Magazine has recognized 400 amazing Houston women. And, now, it is our distinct honor to put the spotlight on our newest group of honorees — Houston’s 50 Most Influential Women of 2016. 
Each in the Class of 2016 is intelligent and interesting. Each spends her time and energy doing what she loves most. Each speaks of her interests enthusiastically and with great joy. Each is actively engaged in activities that move her forward in her career and in life and, at the same time, allow her to make significant contributions to our community. Each gives generously of her time and talents to help local charities and other nonprofits and the clients they serve.
Because of their knowledge and experience, others listen when they speak and follow when they lead. Indeed, all are worthy of special recognition. 
In this issue, we have included photos and short biographies of each of the honorees. We believe you will be impressed and inspired by their stories — just as much as we are!